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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interview Tips for freshers

Interview Tips for freshers
The following tips may give a boost for the freshers attending an interview
1. Be in the relaxed concentrations so that it reduces the lapses in concentrations, nervousness and self doubt while answering questions
2. Be well prepared in the subjects related to interview, it brings you spontaneous answering
3. Set some goals in order to show your skills, abilities, experiences and achievements
4. Know your questions behind the questions in order to avoid wrong answering
5. Interviewer's agenda is very important, consider that also
6. Be smart about money related questions
7. Expect answer some basic questions like "tell me about yourself" or "Introduce yourself"
8. You always use positive terms in the interview
9. Improve your Body language
10. Last but not the least, Finally give a Gentle Thank you at the end of the interview

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College Papers said...

How wonderful tips for interview. these tips is so helpful for me because i am going to do job. thanks you provide relevant info..


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