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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Placement guide Book

Placement guide Book
I have written one book related to Placement guide. I would like to share this book contents which are more important to job seekers as a document file. The book contents are interview tips, online and off line placement, GD tips, Resume tips and so on. The required link here.
Those who wish to share this content to their friends can also forward this to their friends at free.

Placement guide e-book

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Winning the Interview game

Winning the Interview game

This book is written by Alan H.Nierenberg gives a complete details of preparing and successing an interview. He talks about developing interview skills as a game. So it is our role to win the game for getting a wonderful job.
He gives tips on how to begin the game, rules of the game and preparation for the game. He also briefs that while the game ends, that is the winning moment, how to enjoy the winning movement. It is really an amazing book for refreshers to play the interview game and win the game. All the best.


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