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Friday, November 20, 2009

Analyze your past motivational activities

Analyze your past motivational activities
Most of the time we would have self motivated. We can examine these activities in order to have self motivation for current work. For example, during your study, you would have applied some methods for getting top ranks in your class. You might have obtained motivation even from others like by your parents, teachers or friends. The past motivational activities might be during your school studies, college studies or during your works.
Currently some times, you may be frustrated by others or environments for some actions. like during your study or work hours. These frustrations can be completely eliminated by your past motivational activities. By thinking the past activities and analyzing, you may get some hints for success of present work or study.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Motivation tips for students / workers:

Motivation for students / workers:

Motivation is one of main aspect for successful career or study for students. The first and foremost thing in every success is the motivational activities. The motivation may be personal or motivated by others. I would like to emphasis some tips on motivation.

1. Have a work diary and make a daily list of work / study
2. Reward for positive action such as completion of work / study may be rewarded by going to a film which makes us to relax
3. Discuss with your friends at week end about the work in progress or study
4. Make a revision chart or work chart and put it in front of study / work area. This regular revision will lead to success
5. Have a goal and make a plan to achieve it
6. Make a break in between study / work which will enhance your abilities and relax for further study / work

Practice these techniques consistently for success.

Source: Study skills for successful Students by Fred Orr

Friday, July 31, 2009

Career path finder chart

Career path finder chart
I recently received a mail with a picture which portrays all sort of job availability after completion of schooling, Bachelor and Master degrees. This is really good career path finder chart for all candidates irrespective of their qualifications. I would like to thank the creator of the chart.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Choice of diversified higher education for more job opportunities

Choice of diversified higher education for more job opportunities
When the IT and Computer fields were at the peak, people preferred IT and Computure science study for obtaining basic and Master degrees in order to get job. People around the world preferred Computer field as their future job options irrespective of the disciplines like Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, MBA, even Medical fields. During that period , they even got placement and receiving high salaries. However, the trend has completely changed as the IT field went down. Now all of them prefer to choose other fields, in particular to pursue MBA degrees. If the situation goes in this manner, again there will be a recession in this field, there is no other option to get a job.
Instead, if they prefer diversified fields like nano technology, space technology, applied physics, engineering field of their interest (concentrating on core subjects) and so on of thier own discipline for pursuing higher degrees, then there would not be any problem in future for getting a job. If they even do not get any job, they can create their own company of their field which will enhance more job opportunities

Have a long term plan or goal before joining a Company

Have a long term plan or goal before joining a Company

Once we complete a degree, our immediate step is to join in some companies or concerns. We do not thing about our future at this time. By merely considering our family constraints, we join and work there irrespective of the salary they pay or nature of work. After a couple of months, we start to feel about the work, salary and other factors. It could become a lock between you and that particular job or company after working for some period. We will be in a position of not able to the leave job, or not able to get an alternate job. In order to prevent this situations, we can have a long term plan before joining any job, the plan may be doing a higher degree, searching a good company which satisfy all of my conditions like nature of job, salary, working place and so on.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wide job opportunities for a multi talented person

Wide job opportunities for a multi talented person
While the IT field was at a top, as the job opportunites in this field was more, it gave job opportunities for persons from all fields and disciplines like computer science, IT, Electrical engineers, Civil, Mechanical engineers, architechts. It accomodated persons from freshers to experienced personalities. It also accomodated irrespective of the ages and the qualifications from bacheler, diploma degrees to Master & Ph.D. holders. New courses also emerged related with IT field or in order to cater and fill the job opportunities.
But, Now that golden oppornunites are no more, unless you have multi talented personalities. You should able to show your skill in your own field . So build your talent according to the job requirements other than IT field, other wise in technical field. You have a bright features.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Government jobs more safe and secure

Government jobs more safe and secure
As the IT companies are no more recruiting, the time has turned towards government related jobs. Usually the government jobs are more safe and secure. So the freshers can concentrate on government jobs. If fresheres are not able to get a job at UG level, they can go for higher studies, then apply for government jobs. They need not worry about salary packages in government concerns.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Diverse Job opportunities

Diverse Job opportunities
Job losses are common everywhere due to recession world wide. IT field are no more giving job opportunities. However the students or graduates need not worry no more. If one door closes, there are many doors open, yes this is true of job placement also.
As the government has started implementing the 6th pay commission revision and hike in its pay, there are plenty of opportunities for Youngsters. They can now try for public or government related jobs. Where is to search for these opportunities? There is one specific blog which lists government related job updates of all category like state and central government, Universities, Railways and banks sectors related jobs. So there is diverse opportunities. Why should we miss it? try for a next chance.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Recruiting tips from Boston Technical Recruiter - review

Recruiting tips from Boston Technical Recruiter
This is the golden time to know the valuable tips from friends, online or any other sources. Because this time for job seeker is a critical time where news are job cuts, layoffs due to world financial recession period. So everyone should be so confident in retaining their jobs, building new hopes and finding alternative jobs. Not only for freshers, people already in jobs are also in need of search of jobs and developing their job careers. I would like to share a online site which shares the tips on various topics for job seekers. Boston Technical Recruiter's motto is sell yourself, sell your resume, sell your skills for getting a new job.


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