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Friday, November 20, 2009

Analyze your past motivational activities

Analyze your past motivational activities
Most of the time we would have self motivated. We can examine these activities in order to have self motivation for current work. For example, during your study, you would have applied some methods for getting top ranks in your class. You might have obtained motivation even from others like by your parents, teachers or friends. The past motivational activities might be during your school studies, college studies or during your works.
Currently some times, you may be frustrated by others or environments for some actions. like during your study or work hours. These frustrations can be completely eliminated by your past motivational activities. By thinking the past activities and analyzing, you may get some hints for success of present work or study.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Motivation tips for students / workers:

Motivation for students / workers:

Motivation is one of main aspect for successful career or study for students. The first and foremost thing in every success is the motivational activities. The motivation may be personal or motivated by others. I would like to emphasis some tips on motivation.

1. Have a work diary and make a daily list of work / study
2. Reward for positive action such as completion of work / study may be rewarded by going to a film which makes us to relax
3. Discuss with your friends at week end about the work in progress or study
4. Make a revision chart or work chart and put it in front of study / work area. This regular revision will lead to success
5. Have a goal and make a plan to achieve it
6. Make a break in between study / work which will enhance your abilities and relax for further study / work

Practice these techniques consistently for success.

Source: Study skills for successful Students by Fred Orr


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