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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Job Opportunites from Singapore Jobs-Q

Jobs-Q –A Singapore based Job online job portal
Everyone’s dream is to settle in life with a job. There are number of online job portal where we can register our resume online and if we get job opportunities, then we can join and work. In this regard, there is a great online job portal named s jobs-q which gives opportunities both for employer as well as for job seekers. Singapore is great place to work and live. More and more people are looking for jobs in Singapore and worldwide through internet. Job-Q.com was launched in May 2006 to facilitate growing trend of Job Vacancy Posting (internet job posting) and Job Searching through internet in Singapore.
They are committed for providing world class job board services. Their ultimate goal is to be one of the most helpful job board website in Singapore to both job seekers in seeking new job, and employers in finding the right candidate for job openings.

Key features:
1. For employers : FREE job posting for Singapore jobs . Please proceed to register and post your company profile FREE. Start post your free job posting immediately. Check site statistics
2. For job seekers : FREE job posting means that the job might not be advertised commercially and you have better chance to get the job you are applying. You can apply for any job posted without registering, however, if you signup with us, you can set mail alerts to alert you when jobs that fit your criteria are posted.
3. For members only : FREE posting of resume (privacy and confidentiality protected), get yourself headhunted, let the job gets you.
4. For international candidates : Singapore jobs open to foreigners here.
5. Plus all features that makes process of job searching and candidate searching become simple

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Managing multiple jobs - merits and tips

Managing multiple jobs - merits and tips
Earning extra always help to improve our life style. In order to earn more, if we have some regular job and salary, then we get eager to step into start earning extra from some other works as part time job. I have received these tips from a newsletter mindtools. There are always merits and demerits of doing multiple jobs.
Benefits of doing multiple jobs:
1. It gives opportunities to earn more and increase our income
2. It becomes more secure, in case of losing one job, the other jobs gives help to stand up and chance of getting income from other job.
3. There is chance of having more new people which will make our self refreshing and avoid boring and doing repeated same job.
4. We can learn more and improve our skills which results in improving our professional skills
5. It improves our entrepreneur skills and gives opportunities to start our own business

For doing multiple jobs successfully, we have to concentrate on the following
1. Time management is very important. Allot specific time for each job and making a chart i.e Jobs Vs Time will always help us to do more job efficiently
2. It is mandatory to have freedom from employer, they should permit us to do a second job
3. Working too many hours is not good for health, our body and mind should help us to do second job or more number of jobs.


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