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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Job opportunities in Animation Industry

Job opportunities in Animation Industry
There were times where IT field was booming rapidly. However after recession, the job seekers are migrating to other field. On the other hand, the entertainment industry is growing in a rapid way in particularly the animation industry play a vital role in releasing 2D and 3D animation films or cartoon films through TV channels. 
A lot of job opportunities waiting for those animators in this field. The 2D animations in the form of characters and films are telecast in the TV channels. There are more demands in film industry as 2D and 3D films. There are more and more multimedia and animation courses are conducted in all over the world.
The job requirements in this field are character sketch, concept creation, modeling, rigging, story board animation, character animation, lighting, texturing, dynamics, voice recording, digital editing, VFX(Visual effects and so on.
Compared with other IT field, Animation industry require special skills in animating characters.
Those who have some basic qualification can become a professional once they become familiar with the animation industries.


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