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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Sites that helps for different exam preparations

Top Sites that helps for different exam preparations
    One blog user have given valuable comments which are describing the various forth coming exam preparation for gate, law exams, MBA and MCA exams, Civil services, Banking exams and school exams. I would like to share these sites here.
HelloLaw.net: Social networking site for Lawers, and Students preparing for Law exams
url: http://www.hellolaw.net/

HelloMCA.com: MCA Preparation and Student Community
url: http://www.hellomca.com/

Community site for the students who are preparing for GATE exam.
url: http://www.hellogate.com/

Community Place to Prepare for civil service exams and Groups
url: http://www.hellocivilservices.com/

A complete aieee,iitjee and bitsat information website with social network
url: http://www.helloiit.com/

Are you preparing for CA,ICWAI,ACS,ICFAI
url: http://www.helloca.net/

Find Bank Entrance Exams, Notificatons, and complete information on Bank Careers
url: http://www.hellobank.net

Community site for Business Management students
url: http://www.hellobskool.com/

Entrance examination is conducted exclusively for the 15% Merit Positions for the Medical / Dental colleges of India
url: http://www.hellopmt.com/

Social networking site for CBSE students
url: http://www.hellocbse.com

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 10 Tips for hunting jobs abroad

Tips for hunting jobs abroad
     Do you wish to work abroad, then you have to broaden your search criteria at international levels. I would like to share some of the job search tool tips which will help you to land on foreign soil to have a bright job career.
1. Have a firm desire to  go abroad.
2. Search on web at an International job search web portals. You can also visit some of corporate websites like ford and so on. The sites will have exclusive job offer information.
3. If you have networks with professionals of known, alumni friends then it will make easy your job search. They will help you.
4. Send your resume and job request through mails to the select foreign concerns
5. Search international news papers and trading journals for job information
6. You can also search through Government sources like Government agencies, embassies and trade offices
7. You can participate in the International job fairs which are regularly conducted in foreign countries.
8.  You can also make contact to the select companies through phone calls and inquire regarding the job openings.
9. Before going for a job search, complete certification courses like for improving the language proficiency of a particular country
10. Last but not the least, be confident that you will definitely get a good job.
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