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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


1. The best mantra is to be your natural self.
2. When participating in a GD, assertiveness is important; you must speak and take part in the discussions.
3. Carry a pen and paper with you and write down the important points that appeal to you.
4. Before you begin speaking, do an internal run-through in your mind on the main issues relating to the topic.
5. Jot down points on paper and work out the framework for further analysis.
6. Speak only when you have understood the topic.
7. If you do not understand the topic, don’t hesitate to ask your group for their views.
8. Avoid speaking in turn as it leads to an unnatural discussion. Let there be a free flow of ideas.
9. Exchange your ideas and views with your co-participants.
10. Be an initiator of the GD.
11. The opening speaker is likely to get the maximum uninterrupted time.
12. Speaking first can make or mar your GD performance depending on how you handle it.
13. Appreciate and encourage all members to participate in the discussion.
14. To enter into a discussion, be assertive with clear thoughts; agree with another person’s viewpoint in the group and start sharing the views in your words.
15. Be a good listener. It indicates a willingness to accommodate other’s views.
16. Use simple language and explain concepts clearly so that it is easily understood by all.
17. Remain composed even when someone tries to provoke you into making strong statements.
18. Be more people-centric and less self-centered.
19. Be objective, and more of a team player.
20. Effectively communicate your views without obviously contradicting the other person’s opinions.
21. Don’t be afraid to think of novel solutions.
22. Do not be indifferent and aloof. Try to participate or contribute as much as you can in the group.
23. Do not shout at others when they don’t listen.
24. Do not flaunt past experiences or educational qualifications.
25. Do not speak for the sake of speaking and do not agree with anyone and everyone.
26. Present ideas in a cohesive manner.
27. Avoid repeating what other members have already said.
28. Do summarize the findings in a few sentences that present the overall perspective.
29. In summarizing, do not merely restate your point of view.If the group did not reach a consensus, say so in your summary.

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