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Friday, February 15, 2008


Even though this particular step of placement process is not followed by all the companies, this is considered as an important assignment to be fulfilled, before taking up the actual process. Apart from creating awareness about the actual process of placement, GDs provide a ground in which ideas of various students over different disciplines and various fields is shared. Also this is considered as an important tool for developing the communication skills of the candidates. Moreover leadership qualities and team-spirit are also developed only through GDs. The topics cover various levels of knowledge from panchayats to UNO, from Montessori to Massachusetts and culture, current affairs, inter-national events, engineering responsibilities and many more across various geographies. Some of the topics are given below

1 BPO- boon or bane
2 Entrance cancellation
3 Indo China Competition
4 India in world cricket
5 Olympic medal-why not for India
6 Bribery-Cause, Effect & Remedy
7 Religion & Society
8 Indian Economy & Business
9 Nuclear Deal- Boon or Bane
10 Iraq War & Sadaam Hussain
11 Terrorism - cause & remedy
12 Product & Service oriented-Stable Economy?
13 Education System & Reforms required
14 Dowry system
15 Bhopal Tragedy-Root cause
16 Westernisation is a Culture degradation?
17 Mobile phones-merits & demerits
18 MBA Vs Engineering
19 constitutional changes required
20 Effect of films on youth
21 Industrial growth in India
22 Indian Vs Western Engineering
23 IT industries &its effects on culture
24 Ethics for Engineers
Reading news papers (preferably HINDU), journals, magazines and keeping oneself abreast of time and aware of what is happening around him is the best way of preparing group discussions.


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Medical Entrance Exam India said...

Great list of GD topics.
Thanks for sharing great post.

ankit said...

The list of GD topics are very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Sakshi Chaudhary said...

Group Discussion is the activity through which exchange of ideas and related opinion takes place for a particular topic. Now a day’s most of the companies are giving preference to make GD as their first choice before the personnel interviews. General GD Topics that may be asked at the time of interview are
1) Engineers Joining Management Is A National Waste
2) The Giant called Internet
3) Education v/s Literacy,,,etc
You can get more GD topics from General Topics for Group Discussion

Anonymous said...

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